The best current account would reward me for using their card to pay for things

Please reward me with avios, cashback or something similar, for using your card over other cards that offer me these rewards…

So you want the Monzo card to have cash back fro specific retailers like a lot of the legacy banks do?

Which retailers do you want to see and how much does your legacy bank give you in cash back?

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Halifax offer:

Natwest offer:

Barclays offer: (paid service)

All varying from 1%-15% in cashback. Barclays even give free coffees to their premium current account users.

I like the idea of monzo partnering with a coffee shop or household bill companies. Give people a reason to use your card over the competition in their wallet. Yes Monzo have an amazing app and customer service but you could supercharge this value offering by going even further than people expect you to

I think these sorts of cashback deals are actually negotiated by Mastercard and Visa on behalf of the banks and then the banks customise how you see them.

As you see here the Nationwide Simple Rewards scheme is run by Visa and on their own website branded to look like Nationwide.

Whether it cost the bank anything I am not sure, but it’s something Monzo have probably already looked at.


I could never be bothered to use the Halifax one. I don’t really have the time to look at my available offers everyday and opt into them just so I can save 10% off my next meal at Prezzo.

Wouldn’t mind if it was automatic, but I imagine merchants favour the conscious opt in model as a marketing gimmick.


Whilst I’d love some sort of cashback… i think its very far off.

Its just not profitable so cant see Monzo attempting it anytime soon :frowning:

This may be a wild stretch but if you’re in London, Tail offer some cashback at certain retailers with your Monzo (or Starling) card.

I’m sure it’s not fully what you’re after but it’s a start.

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I use to work for Waitrose and can tell you the bank actually have nothing to lose from this.

The business shoulders all of the cost as they want to increase the number of customers to their stores

And Monzo have a good amount of leverage 1 million generally young people which are very valuable to businesses

If it helps bring in or retain new customers for Monzo that is profitable as they have recently announced each new customer is now profitable


To be honest this is why I use my American Express for everything rather than my debit card, so I see the value in it. It’s a little annoying to have to opt in to offers but I don’t mind that much.

Their December “Shop Small” offering is fantastic, and I usually use it everyday (£5 credit when you spend £10).

The issue is, really, what I would want from Monzo. I am more inclined towards collection of something like air miles, or points, rather than a small discount a specific retailer.


Used to use that but gave up as I never got any benefit from the offers. IMHO most cashback offers are designed to encourage you to spend. That seems slightly at odds with Monzo’s intention which is to encourage budgeting.

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Oh yes, they are of course to encourage you to spend, but if they are for places you would normally shop at then there isn’t much to lose as long as you can stick to your usual spending.

I guess at the end of the day retailers feel they can get more money out of it by offering it than they would if they didnt.

This is true, but for me,they never are at places I spend. This is why I stick with my Nationwide card for day to day spending. I get a modest 0.25% cash back on all spending, so if Monzo were to beat that, I’d be in.

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I wish my car would give me cashback for all the miles I drive in it :sob:


do other car companies give you cashback to drive them?

Some do, yeah!

seems like they are on it already… Cashback

For the small amount I’d make, I save more by using Monzo. That’s my view, always has been. Since using Monzo, I’ve never been as financially stable.

It’s the usual something for nothing brigade, the world owes them a favour. Goes in the same bin as a fee free overdraft for students.

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Bit harsh. Some people can manage their money fine without Monzo, so what’s the harm in requesting something other banks already offer?

I could put you in the "Well because I do it this way then everyone should do it this way brigade but that would be harsh :wink:


something for nothing?? Merchants pay to swipe cards… give me an incentive to use your card over another card or cash in my pocket… or merchant incentivise me to come to your coffee shop over another

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