Cashback at ASDA


For some reason the tills at ASDA wouldn’t let me get cashback. Is this probably a case of them needing to update their systems?

For reference, I’ve received cashback at Wilko on numerous occasions without issue.

On another topic, does cashback cost Monzo any less than an ATM withdrawal?



Is that self service or cashier?

Those self service machines are awful. My local ASDA regularly has several broken ones.


Both. All the self services in my local ASDA work fine…


Yeah I have had issues getting cashback at ASDA and I think Tesco but its not that often I need to do it.

(Gareth) #5

Same here!

The Asda terminals don’t offer it to you if you use Monzo.

I wonder if this is coming soon… :thinking:


Maybe they have some silly system that uses BIN tables to determin if the card is an eligible debit card, but have not updated them to a recent copy

(Hugh Wells) #7

Thanks for letting me know :+1:

I’ll see if we can follow up on this and get it sorted

(Jack) #8

If we use cash back does that count as an ATM withdrawl as far as Monzo are concerned?

(Kenneth C Lawrence) #9

I’ve had this issue with Mastercard Debit in a few places - Spar wouldn’t allow me cashback.

I’ve had two issues making payments with my Monzo too, but I’ve been advised it is a Mastercard Debit issue (their systems don’t allow it, I’m not sure if extra costs involved or what), but one to a loan I had, and another to Tesco Credit Card. Both times I was fine to make a bank transfer instead, but they couldn’t accept the card details O.o

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Would it matter?

(Jack) #11

Cash withdrawals cost Monzo more money so I was just curious more than anything.

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Fair enough. I don’t know the answer, but I do know that curiosity killed the cat, so I’m generally in favour of it (I hate cats!) :grinning:


yes it would if you managed to get cashback abroad in a different currency


Yer gonna get in trouble!

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Yep. But I’m going away for a week, and will have very limited internet access.

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@BethS Using your wise knowlege do you know the anser to how this works? :face_with_monocle:


Using my current knowledge I would say it counts as a card payment, the transaction isn’t split into two parts to collect etc.

@Rika would definitely know

(Allie) #18

I have asked this before and was told that no, it wouldn’t. I think @Rika told me that, but don’t quote me on that - I can’t remember now who said it!

(Hugh Wells) #20

No it doesn’t.

The reason ATM charges were introduced was because ATM operators charge a fee for foreign cards, take away the ATM and there’s no issue :slight_smile:


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