Should I be able to withdraw cash at the till (debit card cashback)?

I tried at my local Asda today and the option was greyed out. It’s always been available before on my legacy bank account.

It was mentioned in another thread recently that Asda is phasing out cashback.

I don’t think its non-availability is linked to your use of Monzo.

Theres a thread about it. Pretty much the outcome is it may work but also it may not work.

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It should work wherever they offer cashback.

It has never worked at my local Asda with Monzo (at least the last 2 years). My local now charges for cashback though so I’ve stopped trying to get this sorted

How much do they charge?

Pretty sure it’s 10%. I just wait until I’m near an ATM now. It doesn’t show the charge with my Monzo card though (as per the issue above)

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ASDA’s till systems are antiquated and crap, basically. They haven’t really updated them in years, and I think their systems are looking for specific BIN’s for cashback.

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More generally on the subject of cashback, this might make it more appealing for retailers to offer it:

(And this is a great use case for a transaction being split within Monzo, so we can see, categorise, note and tag the cashback separately to the main transaction).

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