Cash Deposits

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Awesome! Thanks for the insight :smile:

I actually applied recently :see_no_evil: for a technical role over in Cardiff :grin::tada: the app is pretty incredible, really appreciate the user friendliness in a banking app :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Keeping my fingers crossed for you bro! :crossed_fingers:

Cardiff is a great office, love the team there :heart:

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I will sulk if you don’t get it

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Thank you! :blush::grin:

I may very well do the same :sweat_smile:

(I should probably stop taking this thread off topic :innocent::joy:)


I believe they recruit partially on the basis of emoji use. You have that nailed my friend. Nailed.


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Living up to my last name! :wink:

Fingers crossed the recruiters keep an eye on the community forum :yum:


Are you running non-support Squads out of Cardiff (and Las Vegas) now, Simon?

It’ll be interested to see how a more geographically dispersed development model works for you…

(Simon B) #415

In Cardiff - yes.

We have members of the People team working there now, and as Marcus has mentioned, we are hiring for TechOps - basically that’s the team that sorts out all the equipment, the networking, the A/V stuff, the software needs of each employee, and many other things.

In Vegas, we are only running COps roles there right now. Vegas is about 6-12 months behind Cardiff in terms of how we plan on scaling up the operation, firstly because we launched there later and secondly because there’s quite a few more logistics and a lot of paperwork and regulation to sort out there first with it being on a different continent!

With that said, my understanding is that both of those offices will remain mostly focused on Customer Operations.

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I rarely deposit cash so I don’t know how this would affect me but my thoughts:

  • If this isn’t a very common occurrence, would it really cost Monzo a lot to not charge?

  • What about a limit of free deposits and charges thereafter? One free deposit a month could be used to encourage customers to save their change into a savings pot once a month.

  • Everything costs every business something. I don’t like that argument. If it costs to deposit cash then that is a part and parcel of opening a bank.

  • Please stop pushing any negative comments regarding a Monzo feature down with “Use another bank”. It’s not a good argument.

  • £1 a deposit might not be a lot to you but it might be to some. This is becoming uncomfortably common here with people earning what I assume is more than a lot of the average public.

Most of my cash deposits are relatively small so even £1 is a good percentage of it so I probably would just avoid Monzo for it.

(Lizzie) #417

Just a response to the original topic - I live completely cashless and have been cashless for about a year casually and taken it really seriously for about 5 months. I have monzo on Apple Pay and I do not carry a bank card. I paid for pizza the other day and everyone transferred me money and one person tried to give me cash. I absolutely reeled!! I haven’t had a problem with this at all but it’s nice to see cash deposits are an option :slight_smile:


They have the paying in slips you can use if you don’t have the card on you. I could use the post office to transfer money into another account I have, I’m just a little concerned it would go wrong so I’d be tempted to use this service.

(William Brown) #419

Paying in cash should always be a right to every account holder the same as you get a debit card which is a right and now Apple Pay which is a right we expect so with all this cash deposits should be on there with all accounts regardless the bank name

(MikeF) #420

Sorry, none of these things are “rights”, rather they’re “common provisions” such that questions will be asked if they’re not provided but I think that’s an issue of ‘custom and practice’ rather than one of rights.

(MikeF) #421

I’m intrigued by this comment, if you don’t mind.

Banking is a competitive market place in U.K. current accounts so in any situation where your bank isn’t offering what you’re looking for while another bank is, surely that’s exactly the thing to do?

I’ve left banks and gone elsewhere over things like the introduction of ATM charges back in the day. This feels no different.

(Dan Mullen) #422

Yes, as consumers we all have options and can vote with our feet. What @coffeemadman is getting at is that, as a bank aiming to “make money work for everyone”, it’s a pretty poor response to criticism to say, “Well, if you don’t like it, you know where the door is”. That is exactly how some of the responses above come across.

Monzo shouldn’t be selective with the customer feedback that they want to hear and that which they don’t.

(MikeF) #423

Fine, but I doubt any negative comments from one user to another can be deemed as being either sourced or endorsed by Monzo.

(William Brown) #424

If you want to be inclusive off then all services like offering a current account as standard no criteria as many people have been through a rough life and will see many banks think your fraud risk and say no or after a few months or years withdraw your banking facilities that should not be allowed to happen and services such as cash deposits debit card payments and Apple Pay shouldn’t be credit scored and should be given as standard to all as at present banks can say no to any of that or all of it and they get away pushing people to live on getting cash from everyone and paying cash and not allowed a bank account or if they are they are excluded from everything and you can only have a card to withdraw cash if life is going to cashless society the right to an account should be law and not just a guideline to give everyone a basic account but banks can exclude many from banking altogether

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I almost passed out after reading that :dizzy_face: … aaannndd breathe… :dash: :rofl:

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@HughWells @nickrw
Quote from Starling website:

"If you’ve got one of our portrait debit cards - teal for personal, navy for business - you’ll be able to deposit cash into your account at any Post Office branch. If you don’t have a new card, get in touch with Customer Service to ask for one. " Link

Seems like they had the new profile ready for the new card designs that went out earlier this year.


So … 400-odd messages. Let me try and sum this up.

1, Monzo wants to charge £1 to deposit cash
2, Starling is offering the same for free

So … Since Monzo has not launched yet, is this not a case of back to the drawing board? I don’t see how they can proceed with the idea that paying £1 to pay in cash is ok?