Cash deposit charge query

Hi, I don’t understand why I was charged for depositing money in my Account?

How did you deposit it? There’s a £1 charge for cash but that’s it

I did at a pre paid shop…

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What’s a prepaid shop? You mean PayPoint? Click on the feed item and there’s a full explanation in the ‘why is there a £1 fee’ section

Is this a troll? It’s been very clear there’s a £1 charge from the outset :joy:


No I’m not a troll… I’m a new customer, and I was not told about these charges… so hence why I’m here now asking … !


How did you know that Monzo used pay point to pay in money? If you knew that, I find it hard to believe that you didn’t know about the charge :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Where did you see that you could use PayPoint? Only went live 2 days ago and the £1 charge has been on every communication about it. If they’ve missed it somewhere it would be helpful if you could say where


Thank you :blush:

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Ok, I had no idea… and yesterday was my first time using this card, and before I deposited money, I had a chat with one the staff, he told me I can use any prepaid stores but didn’t say nothing about the charges again if I knew this I won’t come here asking… i see no harm in doing so.

I ask what my limit was and he said £1000 and I can only put in £300 at all once … I had no idea I would be charged for every £300. I went back on the chat to asked why was I charged but no reply… hence why I was confused

It’s a brand new system, if you look at the announcement linked above you’ll see the rationale for there being a fee. It’s on Monzo’s side not the merchant, so they won’t know the reason. It’s how Monzo covers the processing costs. Having a fee for everyone helps keep it fair.


Have been reading about it now… thank you So much :blush: :pray:t4:


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