Cash cheque filled incorrectly

So as a youngish person I very very rarely deal with cheques and need some help.

Someone has written me a cheque for a certain amount but instead of writing one hundred pounds, thirty five pence, they’ve written one hundred pounds, thirty five pounds.

The amount matches the number with the exception of the obvious error of pence being pound. Can I still cash this?

Should go through from experience.

Best go to a branch to deposit so they can refuse it right then instead of posting it out to monzo.


Aye I was going to go to Natwest.

So you think that will go through then?

I think it will, but it could depend on the member of staff, I also wouldn’t bring attention to it at the desk either.

My wife recommended doing it through a machine.

Most banks are pretty lax when it comes to cheques. They don’t check for exact names of the words written. If it says £100.35 in the box and it’s clear that’s what it should be, it’ll most likely be fine.


I think you’d be best off doing that as it will process it electronically / a person won’t look at it and shouldn’t be an issue. It’s fairly clear what the meaning is.

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When I was at college, a friend of mine who regularly paid me money owed as cheques would make deliberate mistakes on each and every one to see if the bank would still cash it. Largely by clearly signing them as a different person each time - Boba Fett, Donald Duck, etc.

The only time I wasn’t able to pay a cheque in was when it was unsigned. I had to take that away and bring it back later.

None of the cheques bounced and I always got my money. Unless things have changed massively since, banks simply don’t scrutinise low-value cheques that closely.

As suggested by others, pop into a branch and use a machine to deposit it. Chances are it’ll all be fine.


Payee: My Tax Bill
Signed: Donald Trump


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That’s almost as bad as getting paid back in 1p coins :laughing:


Thanks for the assistance guys. Just cashed it now at a machine with no issue.


Update, the cheque cleared and the cash was in my account the next day. Thanks for the advice everyone!