Carphone Warehouse ID check

Did you ask what the procedure is for someone without an alternative debit card?

It seems to me like it could border on some sort of banking discrimination (probably not a thing, would be good if it were)…


Same for Vodafone when I went to grab my new phone last week.

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There isn’t a solution. At all. They have to do the £1 verification.

Fortunately my archaic old bank is still open and I had the ability to use that.

I very nearly snapped at the “they’re just a preloaded currency card company” - then realised I didn’t want to be ‘that guy’

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I had the same issue with Vodafone when I went to collect my Apple Watch last week.

The manager was very nice and explained the whole process to me, which was totally understandable, however didn’t help me with the current situation of my Monzo card not working as a validation check.

The manager allowed me to verify who I was a different way by actually checking the direct debit details (which are through Monzo) that were linked with my Vodafone account.

I was also told that in exceptional circumstances with cases such as this, I would be able to provide my passport and/or driving lisence as further ID which is linked with my address.

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Definiately flag this up to!


Thanks for that!

I’ll send an email over to them!

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So the moral of the story is…

Don’t close your legacy bank account, because a lot of UK retail still hasn’t got with the program and those fortunate to be blessed with having a account with an innovative and exciting bank have to suffer because companies can’t be bothered to keep up with developments in the UK banking industry and like to come up with fabricated BS as a response to customers…


I’ve never got a contract in a store before, what’s the ID check? Is it just an active card check?

Can’t believe Carphone Warehouse are still around…

No idea why tbh what with all the networks having their own stores etc, seems pointless.

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It’s basically just a quick check ran by the company to make sure that you are who you say you are, and that you have an active card linked to the address which you have provided to the company as to where you live.

Definitely flag with acceptance and they can get in touch.

Fun fact : The internal system at Carphone Warehouse, which is called PIE, is so old that it runs on DOS, is keyboard-only (no mouse support) and still has some of the company stock warehouse usernames listed as TANDY (Tandy was an old company that was bought out by Carphone in 1999).


That’s what it looks like and it’s literally older than most people who work in the stores… :joy:


Don’t fix what ain’t broke I guess.


1- they do some of the best mobile deals

2- now its Currys PC world Carphone Warehouse, they don’t just do phones, they do large electrical items too

Such as washing machines and freezers and that…:grin:

Tbf this is something many companies still use - Tesco still uses green screen for their stock control system even though the same data is also displayed in many other more modern ways


Three UK doesn’t accept Monzo or Metro Bank!

Edit… I’m referring to for ID since this thread is about that. They do accept it in other contacts.

Good ol’ MS DOS. :grinning:


Yes they do I’m on Three and used Monzo details.

You used a Monzo card as ID for a new contract in-store? Which is what this thread is about.

They support it online, for direct debits, etc.

It’s actually telnet not dos so what ever is running on the backend might not necessarily be as old as what it looks like