Carphone Warehouse don’t accept Monzo?

Just tried buying an accessory from carphone Warehouse but told they don’t accept Monzo cards. It refused to work contactless and with PIN. How disappointing for them - sale lost!

The guy working there told me that they haven’t updated their system yet!

Woah :open_mouth: that’s not good!

I’d send an email over to with as many details as you can provide👌

This definitely shouldn’t be happening anymore :man_facepalming:

I’ve had my monzo work with CPW online but never tried in-store.


Already have sent email. Just wondering if it was just the Northwich store or all CPW?

I feel like we would have known by now if it were all Carphone Warehouses.


There are a couple of other threads about problems with Carphone Warehouse.

According to Simon, their systems still run on DOS! That probably doesn’t help.

Used my card fine just before Christmas (for £1 charge credit checking rubbish) when picking up a SIM for one of the kids.

They then proceeded to set up the DD from a completely different bank account they had on file … :phone:

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They definitely do accept our cards, and in fact have done so since the prepaid days. It sounds like an isolated incident - I would try a different branch perhaps.




It definitely worked in store for me

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