Card transactions

What part of the baking network is broken this morning then? :joy: Working in a co-op and all sorts of card transactions are failing, my Monzo included.

ohh i hope its nothing major i have a big purchase to make later today

monzo seems ok

None according to their status page.

Possibly an issue with the supermarkets payment processor.

Ive been out most of the morning to various shops and a supermaket. Zero issues here.

Sounds more like a faulty card terminal to me :wink:

Monzo worked fine for me so far

Seems to be intermittent. Number of people on Twitter have been reporting Santander issues, was just quite random.

What about on the fish counter?


None and I’ve pretty much had every card under the sun been used literally every minute, all gone through

mines worked fine yesterday

Looks like there was some scheduled maintenance on the Mastercard network that caused some issues:

Hardly “chaos” as the title states, but that’s news articles for you these days :rofl:

Monzos tweet is featured in the article too:

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chaos as karen couldnt use her card to get a packet of smarties :smiley:

To be fair, the Greggs logo does look like it should belong to a bank.

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same here