Card still not working

(Gareth) #22

I’m well aware this is a BETA, but to have two different faulty card batches and leave customers without access to their fund is not ideal. Also good effective communication is essential to ensure customers have confidence and remain loyal during the early days of the service. Mondo want to be different t to mainstream banks so they have to demonstrate they are and so far they have not. I am normally a very patient person and happy to be part of something new and exciting but this has to be balanced with good effective communication and problem solving.


I think this was a matter of bad timing as well. Some of the staff would have been busy with Mondo becoming a licensed bank. I know that they have been busy with the press for a couple of days. For a company with just over 30 employees and is just 18 months old, they have done really great so far. And their customer support is one of the best I have ever seen. I’m sorry that you had an unpleasant first experience with them, but trust me you would love Mondo once you get a chance to use it. But if you want to leave, that’s totally understandable. :slight_smile:

(MikeF) #24

To be honest, communications and problem solving seems fine to me. They’ve had some bad cards, they know about it and they’ve told you (and the rest of us) once they’d worked it out. Resolution is there too, get a good card.

It’s a pain but I can’t see anything else they could have done. Once you get a card that works you’ll be able to get your own money out.

You may not like the resolution of course (and I’d be slightly spooked if that had happen to me on day 1 so I fully understand) but that doesn’t make it a bad resolution, just an unpopular one.

I really, really hope they’ve tested the next batch of cards.

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and chuck the card away without ever trying to use it and find out what you are spending on how much you’re spending and where , but you will have your money back and the reason you signed up to try a new bank in the first place will have been tried and tested for 2 minutes at the ATM :wink:

(Gareth) #26

They have just replied and given no explanation for the lack of communication and poor service. I’m not petty but mondo claim to be different to other banks but alas they have proven at this very early stage they are not. Managing customer expectations is key to any service you offer and deliver. Apparently a refund of my £109 will take 5 days. So much for a different kind of banking. It is down to me to order a third replacement card and hope that it is not part of the other faulty batch and withdraw the £100 from a cash machine. Mondo is a money making venture so do not delude yourself about it being magical. It will only serve you as long as it makes money.

NatWest actually provide me with an exceptional level of service and benefits but naively I thought perhaps I should try something new. More fool me.

(MikeF) #27

Given that the card problems relate to physical payments, if you have a different credit card you could simply log into your account and make a debit card payment from your Mondo card and get your money straight away that way.

(Gareth) #28

That’s just it there was no communication from mondo about the so called batch batches. I had to inform them and all they did was say try ordering a new card. Well I did that and again it didn’t work. The advice was try ordering a new one. How long can anyone expect a customer to keep doing that. And furthermore no one took ownership and communicated with me to address the issue and poor service. That would have taken two minutes and gone a long way to reassuring me and perhaps remaining a customer. I’m part of the generation that mondo are trying to tap into but they have to get it right or I will just go somewhere else.

(MikeF) #29

At the end of the day you’re free to judge things by whatever criteria you choose.

(Gareth) #30

Gee thanks for the advice. Why didn’t someone from mondo mention that. I’ve already asked them if that’s a possibility but also no reply. And I should not have to do that they should have made an instant BACS payment to my account. Nonetheless I have just ordered yet another replacement card as it seems this will be the quickest way to access MY money. Fingers crossed! I am not holding my breath. And on a final not what happens if that one is faulty too?

(Gareth) #31

Good effective communication is the bench mark for any service new or old.

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is that the final note ? :wink:

(Gareth) #33

This is why I have never used a blog before. The information and opinions are always so banal. Good luck with you’re new magical bank :+1:

(MikeF) #34

Nothing is magical, I’m afraid and while I respect your opinion it’s becoming clear that you don’t have a lot of time for anyone else’s.

May I wish you the best of luck with however you decide to extricate yourself from thiqs situation that you clearly find so intolerable.


This is a forum, not a blog. Totally different :sunglasses:

(Tom ) #36

Now now. This user hasn’t had a good experience and we shouldn’t take the proverbial.

Stick with it @Defiant69. You’ll love it. This hasn’t been the finest start but they are transparent that this is a bank in testing and you can help shape the future. Problems happen and they will learn from these mistakes.


Sorry, Tom

/me slaps wrist

(Josh Bray) #38

I can explain the 5 day thing. As mondo is not yet part of the faster payment scheme the standard is 3-5 working days unfortunately. It’s not mondo’s fault. The card issue is not great but again it’s out of mondo’s hands, there isn’t one bank that can control this none of them print their own cards. I do think that if they have offered to return the money within 5 working days there isn’t much else they can do.

(Gareth) #39

What most of you fail to grasp is this. Mondo is aiming to be different from other mans team banks. They can only be different if they do things differently. Whilst I accept at this early stage things may not work perfectly, there is no excuse for a lack of ownership and effective communication. If they can not get that right with less than 40,000 customers how do you think they will manage when hey grow in size. Typically with all the best intentions most companies fail to deliver the service they intended as they grow and demand increases. My issue was quite simple to resolve and just required a little effective communication. Had this happened I might well have thought third time lucky. But as a new excited customer I really have not had he beat experience. Perhaps if all those in the ‘forum’ strapped having a go at me and put pressure on mondo to do better, they would realise how important it is to respond to customers and deal with issues in a timely manner. If they can not do this now it is reasonable to suggest that they will never be able to do it.


I had a problem with my PIN, spoke to support in app and got it sorted within twenty minutes. That’s different to high street banks.

I can freeze my card as soon as a notification comes through of a charge that I don’t recognise. That’s different to high street banks.

Mondo are different to high street babks. I could go on, but there is no need. Your mind has been made up. It’s no loss for me, nor Mondo as a whole, but it is a loss for you. Ah well, plenty more customers await…

(Josh Bray) #41

So what have support actually given to you in the form of a solution?