Card still not working

(Gareth) #1

Replacement card arrived but still does not work. I simply want my lonely back!


Can we have some more information?

(Josh Bray) #3

Contact support in the app


(natasha) #5

Hi @Defiant69. I am really sorry about that… it is a known issue (check out this post).

And Josh is right. Please reach out to customer support and we can help get you sorted out. :credit_card::postbox::see_no_evil:

(Bailey Kursar) #7

Hi @Defiant69 - just took down your personal phone number, just to make sure it’s not up for anyone to see! Please use the in-app chat in the app to open a support request, or email


(Gareth) #8

I want money back now!

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #9

Im sure if you either email or use the in app chat - the Mondo team will sort out returning your money and will be duly apologetic for Mondo not working for you

(Josh Bray) #10

Just do as Bailey said

(Gareth) #11

I have emailed the correct way and no one is taking ownership of the issue and replying to me!

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #12

email he will take ownership of your problem and sort it out for you - bearing in mind its now 7pm on a weekday so perhaps you will have to wait until tomorrow


It’s a shame one of the team didn’t give him a quick call, as his number was there…

(Gareth) #14

I’ve been emailing since 3pm today. The service is shocking! Another day yuh have my money to which I have no access!

(Gareth) #15

Service is shocking I’ve been emailing since 3pm this afternoon. Three different advisors have been emailing me and no one has done what I asked.

God help if and when they get a banking license :grin:

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #16

Im sorry but all we are trying to do is help with advice on how to get your money back, service is generally outstanding with Mondo support team as the majority of the 30 odd thousand users will know , you have had a problem with your card at 2pm , which you haven’t explained anything about when asked to elaborate so other users could potentially help you … and just repeat give me my money back …

(MikeF) #17

As I’ve just pointed out in another thread, the nature of testing anything is that things will occasionally go wrong. This has obviously happened here.

It will be sorted out and your money is perfectly safe. I’d suggest, however, that if you’re this uncomfortable with the potentially fragile nature of what we’re all testing here then you should perhaps rethink being a part of the Beta process.

(James Billingham) #18

They already have a banking licence :wink:

(Gareth) #19

I have explained it to the mondo team since yesterday. Apparently they have had two faulty batches of cards and want me to order a third replacement. Whilst I accept this is a new service and a BETA version, it must work in some level and to leave a customer without access to their funds without any certainty or perspective of the service working does not bode well for operating as a bank. And I have corespondent with several different customer advisors by email and through the app today and no one had got back to me with a resolution to the problem. All
I’ve asked for is a refund of my £100 but as yet I’ve had no luck. Mondo have had that money and been earning interest on it since Monday.


I think you’ll be better off leaving then Gareth, as soon as you have your money back. Worrying about Mondo making interest on your £100 since Monday is petty. You have been unfortunate. If you do leave, you will miss out on a magical service, but that will be your choice. We tried to help, but there isn’t anything more any of us members can do. It is all down to the Mondo staff to get things sorted.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #21

crikey at 2% that about 2p interest , they have said they are having problems with their card supplier , whilst I appreciate £100 is a lot to have tied up for three days without access to it it would be sorted if you gave it chance , but if its not for you its not for you :wink: