Card Signiture Strip Wearing Out

So my cards about a year old (only one I’ve had) and my Signiture has started to wear off the strip.

I’ve not had this happen on my old NatWest debit cards that I’ve had until expiry.

My Tesco credit card also shows no sign of wear on the Signiture Strip but I don’t daily carry it.

I don’t think I have ever had a card that I actively used that did not quickly lose its strip

I have also never had one with a strip large enough to accurately sign into…

Thankfully this in on its way out

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Hopefully places like the US either do away with CDVM or switch to using a pin like most of the world uses.

I’ve used my monzo card as magstripe in the canteen at my work then their card machine really badly glitched out and they never checked the Signiture but asked me to sign.

What’s your question?

If you use it and the wear is causing issues, order a replacement card in app.

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It works so i’m not bothered, if I ever need to go anywhere where its commonly used i’ll order a new one.

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