Debit Card Wear & Tear

I enjoy using my monzo account, but now have a debit card that is completely devoid of any colour other than the card base colour.

I appreciate that nowadays, the need to read the card details are few and far between, given the electronic nature of our spending, but particularly in low light situations, for example when giving card details over the phone, I find I struggle to read the numbers.

Just wondering if the card design could be looked at ??

Are the raised numbers needed on a debit card nowadays. ??

Just a thought.


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No picture?


Came for exactly the same thing :slightly_frowning_face:

I wonder if he is frantically sanding off the remaining bits to make the following statement true :wink:

How long have you had the card for? I’ve only had mine for 3 months and yet to see any wear or tear …

This did happen to one of my old bank cards years ago when I put it through the washing machine!

On a vaguely related matter, the Transferwise debit cards have no colouring on the embossed printing. I thought it was a mistake on my card, but it seems they are all like that. I soon got used to it even though it does make it a bit harder to read.

Not the most major of issues, as I say, just a thought… I’ve had the card about 8 months, and it is in and out of my wallet all day long as I now use the card exclusively.

No white left on the embossed areas of the card left whatsoever. And in reply to the side splitting hilarious remark above, no sandpaper has been used in the creation of this situation.

Perhaps I need to think about how I store the card.

Mine’s going that way, but it seems to happen to most bank cards.

Sorry about the picture quality, using a cheapo temporary phone atm.

IMG_20180927_134041 IMG_20180927_134111

Guess with Apple and Android Pay it isn’t the biggest problem but it does take the shine off a litle!

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Nationwide bank card has gone the same way, had that two years now. Had Monzo card 10 months.

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Come on and feed our curiosity with a picture! :disappointed:

I want to see what a card looks like that is so worn that it has no numbers, logo, signature strip etc :sunglasses:

Yep - no great issue at all… card works fine for normal day to day use… as I say, just a thought.

That would reveal card number etc!

I often find I have to get a card replaced because the three digits on the back have worn off.

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Just checked mine and it’s like new, not a mark or scratch on it and it’s my main spend card. Had it since May 2016. I am a bit OCD with my things though.


Share your secrets! :joy:

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I probably need to think about how I carry the card, its either in my old wallet or stuck in my phone cover… the only time it causes the slightest of issues is when I’m trying to read the card in low light… apart from that its fine.

Card started out in my wallet but usually in my iPhone folio case now. Must say I usually do contactless or Apple Pay and rarely Chip and Pin so maybe that’s where the wear happens?

You managed to do it :thinking: :see_no_evil:

I think @radstat19 may be exaggerating a l̶i̶t̶t̶l̶e̶ lot then. I have similar wear to yours but not to the extent that it is…

I’ve only had mine since July and the embossed wording has practically zero white on it already. It makes it look pretty tatty, which is a shame.

Card mostly lives in my wallet as I use Apple Pay wherever I can, so I guess my arse is wearing it down.


I’ve had my Joint Account card 9 days and the white digits on the embossing is already starting to come off :disappointed:

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My last Monzo card ended up with a big black band across the front…

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