Card Rejected By Bank / Wages Not Received?

Hi guys, I need your help im new employ and my card was rejected by the bank

Which card? Which bank? In what circumstances?

You could also try asking Monzo.

Hi, thank you for reply,the card is regular monzo card, I don’t know which bank, I’m new starter in agency and I receive an email from my boss that my card was rejected

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Is this wages?

You gave them the account number and sort code and not the card number, right?

Hi mate,

Yes, exactly

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And the sort code you gave them is definitely 04-00-04 (it’s easy to get this wrong)?

If so, you can contact Monzo at with all of the employer’s details, and hopefully they will sort it out eventually. This might take some time, however, and you will probably want to be paid soon. In which case, it might be quicker to get a different bank account. Starling are very similar to Monzo, and you can open an account with them really quickly. Or you could ask around at work to see which bank your colleagues recommend.

You need to find out why your boss couldn’t pay you. Perhaps he made a mistake, his system is outdated and so on… Find out what the error message was and also make sure you gave him the correct account number and sort code too.

It’s a common thing to enter the sort code wrong because it’s just 0’s and 4’s

Indeed. I always have to check I’ve not written 04-00-40 every time I give it out. :grimacing:


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