Card not accepted in Barclays

Just tried to withdraw money from inside Barclays and was declined
So tried TSB external atm and was fine


May of been an issue with their network or the reader, if it’s a repeat issue at lots of atm, check your card isn’t damaged or got a bit ‘bent’.

Did it say any message on the screen about contacting card provider, or similar? Either way I wouldn’t worry too much :smiley:

On the positive, least you got your cash out :smiley:

I’ve had the same problem. Monzo declined at Barclays ATMs and Curve declined at Lloyds ATMs.


I’ve given up with trying to take cash out with my curve card, that one defo seems to decline often, although they’ve send me a new card this week, so might give it a try.

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Just said this card is not accepted I think

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Inside Barclays? Did it state it was free withdrawals? I tend to only use Monzo cards at these ATMs and use my Santander card and Santander branches since I don’t want to get charged. Odd that they just directly rejected the card though maybe they only allow for Barclays cards in the branch itself?

The assistant inside first said it had to be a Barclays account. So I said can I use my monzo card or not and she said yes.
I’m guessing they only accept Barclays In store.
The external atm works fine but I’d rather use the TSB one as it seems more secure

First time anyone’s said that recently about TSB


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