Mondo at Sainsburys?

On a few occasions when using my Mondo card at Sainsburys I have had a card error/reinsert message and been unable to use it. It has then worked with my usual bank card. Now this has happened on occasion in the past with my usual bank card so it may just be the card readers being faulty but has anyone else had this?

Not Sainsbury’s, but I have had the ‘Card Error’ warning at Morrisons. I re-inserted the card and on the third attempt it was accepted (I was about to give up…)

Weirdly, I’m seeing card read errors, bad terminal configurations and network issues increasingly more often at certain retailers across all cards within my family. Doesn’t seem to be a Mondo specific issue so I wonder what’s up.

Doesn’t help that Sainsburys are backwards and don’t accept contactless either. You’d think they be due an update.

I nearly stopped shopping there because of it!

Excuse the BuzzFeed link but I did find it hilarious.

I feel dirty when I have to enter my PIN now contactless is here. :laughing:

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The problem for me is that when I go to Sainsburys I normally spend over the contactless limit unfortunately! :wink:

Same here, hopefully their eventual rollout includes full CDCVM support for Apple/Android Pay then! I also have some hope for Nectar in Wallet with NFC VAS support.

I too am finding increased problems with card readers in multiple shops, not just big chains but smaller ones like McColl’s too. But it is all cards, big banks and newer ones like Handelsbanken and Fidor

Just to report since my initial post Mondo has worked ok on a number of occasions. Sainsbury’s readers are fairly old tech so they’re probably failing rather than Mondo. Maybe they’ll put contactless in soon? :thinking:

All the Sainsburys I’ve been to have new payment terminals. They have the contactless functions disabled as they were trailing it in select stores last month and plans to fully support contactless including CDCVM by the end of this year.

Sorry bad photo, but if they have the 4 spaces of lights at the top, it means the terminal is contactless. It is then down to the merchant to turn on contactless.

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Yeah, I tend to have issues in Sainsbury’s too :frowning: Hopefully the new terminals will fix it!

I was not aware of the lights thing, Nice tip.

I’m still amazed that my local Sainsbury’s does not yet have contactless but the Ice Cream van going around town does.

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In theory, the first light should flash green when contactless is enabled. When your card is presented over the display, all 4 will light up to confirm the card has been read successfully.

I can’t help but feel this is the most appropriate response:


I can’t help but notice this everywhere now. My local Asda has those exact terminals and they’re not set up for contactless.

Oh no, if you start doing that everywhere you’ll be very sad at the number of stores that have these terminals and don’t support contactless. :frowning2:


I was already frustrated at the number of places that don’t support it. It’s just going to be a different sort of frustration now.