Card didn’t work at Raphaels Bank (Euro) machine at King's Cross Station, London

Euro withdrawal failed, nothing shown on Monzo app. Balance on account was easily sufficient to cover the withdrawal.


What message did you get on the ATM?

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Can’t remember unfortunately. I’d got to the stage of choosing an amount to withdraw and then the message was something like “your transaction could not be completed”

I had the same issue at Piccadilly trying to withdraw US dollars from a Raphaels Bank machine. (I then tried my Revolut card and got the same message) However I moved to a different machine and withdrew a small amount of euros as a test without problem so concluded the first machine was simply out of dollars!


I successfully withdrew a €20 note from a Raphaels machine at Liverpool St (central line ticket office) a few weeks ago, so the cards do work.


I had a similar problem with another fintech card (not Starling!) when a machine was probably out of € and I tried as a test getting $ on the adjoining machine and that worked.

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I just got €20 for my next trip abroad at one of these machines at Kings Cross. Worked fine, no fees and DCC rip-off was an easy opt-out. Did not count against my foreign ATM withdrawal limit, so this is a great option for anyone needing a significant amount of euro. IMG_20180218_155744


Pardon my ignorance but what is the DCC rip-off?

Chosing to be billed in GBP when withdrawing foreign currency means the ATM operator uses Dynamic Currency Conversion and you pay more, chosing to be billed in the same currency you are withdrawing (e.g. Euro etc) means declining Dynamic Currency Conversion. Then the ATM operator won’t convert and will instead bill in foreign currency, then Monzo will convert at Mastercard rates and this normally results in a much better exchange rate, so saves you money.


Hi Adam, there’s a really good post on DCC here on the forum you should check out for a bit more understanding.