Card didn’t work at pay at pump

My card has just been declined at the pay at pump at Tesco I thought they worked with Monzo

Hi @Picklepuppy should work fine, sometimes it’ll decline if you have less than £99 though.

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What @Glasgow said.

Was the balance in your account sufficient to cover the normal £99 reservation that these pumps generally do?

It should be noted that I don’t think Monzo’s fraud detection system for AFD’s is actually that dumb (just checking for £99 available).

I had £63 in my account, and an AFD was authorised by Monzo (which allowed for a vend up to £99).

So, I think their rules are slightly more complex. Maybe they take into account previous purchase amounts, and account history?


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I believe this is the case and there are occurrences where a balance of less than £99 will decline.

This wouldn’t be such an issue if the new system was in place!

I think Tesco still does the £99 authorization, because I’ve used pay at pump at Asda and Costco with a balance of at least £20 and it worked with no problems I never really use Tesco as none is around me well close by anyway

Tesco do do a £1 authorisation, but Monzo may block it if you bank balance is too low to prevent you entering an unauthorised overdraft.

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well I only ever tried it with a minimum of £20 balance and it worked every time so it’s safe to say maybe that’s the minimum you need to have for it to work at pay at pump

No, I frequently do this with just a couple of £ in my account.

I don’t keep money in my main account. Often I’ll authorise for petrol with barely any money in the account, then fill up, check the total cost and THEN transfer the amount I’ve spent from a pot to my account.

Are pots included in the calculation for this? I never know when they are and when they’re not.

No pots aren’t part of your available balance.

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If that last bit was aimed at me, I’m saying the opposite. :slight_smile:

Mine always gets approved wih an almost empty main account, even with Tesco. I know the screen says it’s approved to a theoretical £99 but good luck ever finding that kind of money just sitting in my main account BEFORE I’ve filled my car up!

Unlike the OP I’ve never had it declined through a lack of funds. I just wondered if that was because Monzo knew I had the money in a Fuel pot or if there’s some other reason for some people’s authorisation failing when others go through fine. Different fuel stations on different systems maybe?

It wasn’t. I thought you were the OP sorry. Friday! :exploding_head:

Monzo response on pay at pump declines:


I don’t know if it’s because I’m new but I had money in my account, just not £99. I’ve never had this with any other bank. I’ve just started my switch to go full Monzo, but I need to be able to use pay at pump petrol stations even if I don’t have £99 in my account

It might just be the place you are filling up?

There was some news recently about some places checking you have £99 available even if you only want £10 of fuel. I think it might have been ASDA?

Once the new pay at pump process is introduced by all the petrol stations this will become easier. If you don’t have £99 available it’ll authorise the most it can instead.

The implication of that, of course, is that you will only be able to fill up to the value of the money in your account at the time.

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Which imho feels like the correct process!


It worked with less than £99 in my account at Morrisons

I use Shell app for pay at the pump with Monzo+Google Pay. Shell has options to choose the amount you would want to fill up and then they take only that amount from the account. If you fill up less than the chosen amount original transaction usually gets updated within 1 or 2 days.