Asda/Tesco/Sainsburys fuel

None of these work with a monzo card. I had over 10lound in my account and wanted to stick that fuel in my car authroized £1 then computer says no. CARD CANCELLED. tbh it sucks cuz i needed it. Most banks take it out a few days later which is fine… but it seems like you must have 99£ in your account. Idk the % of people that actually would have that amount of money available… but seems none of the big 3 work… A T or S…

That’s the way the rules are pushing the petrol stations at the moment as a means of deterring fraud. I believe that, in the future, the intention is to be able to authorise up to the limit of money available in the account but I don’t think we’re there yet.


Seems strange, I use Tesco’s Pay @ Pump all the time, did so yesterday, still showing the £1 auth fee for me. I didn’t think Tesco adopted the £99 one?

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All PAP terminals are different in auth either £1 or £99 between forecourts of the same supermarket brand…

If you had £50 in a Monzo or £50 in say a Lloyds account you should get exactly the same result.

Unless its unmanned worse case is you press the pay in kiosk button.

What should happen is that it either holds £99 or the balance amount and only lets you fill up that amount. After the filling up it should then immediately correct to the actual amount filled up.

This was meant to be the case back in 2017 but it’ll take another decade for everyone to get up to date with that. At which point we’ll probably have newer stations anyway with choice of Electric or Petrol so they’ll need to put in new terminals for that.


Monzo should then tell the pump the account has £50 (or whatever the balance is if its under £99) in it and the pump only auths £50 and stopping at that amount. If less fuel is taken then the correct amount should then be posted the same day.
Works the same with Visa as it does with mastercard (mastercard don’t have the same handy page)

Older pumps would put a £1 hold and then update the amount the next working day. (these are still the most common)

As far I’m aware that’s what Monzo does :+1:

I think the number of PAP setup like that to then alter the fillable amount to the returned value by Monzo is silm.

From memory @HughWells is the man to ask.

Most AFD’s in the UK don’t support/use the newer system yet (due to the outcry that happened when some started to enable it).

Monzo themselves decline AFD transactions if they only authorise £1 and you have a low amount of funds, so as to protect themselves from a form of fraud in which you could theoretically purchase £990 worth of fuel, with only £10 in an account. I’ve had this happen to me once.

You need £99 for the old style ones to authorise with a monzo card.
It’s been said all over the forum for a while

That’s just not true, not true at all

I thought it was Monzo making the decision on this as to whether to decline or approve the £99 authorisation. Looks like you haven’t been approved on this occasion likely due to a very low balance.

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Agreed it’s very annoying, but not Monzo’s fault I believe, but the banking system in general. I personally hate paying at pump and will prefer paying cashier. There’s only one place where it’s pay at pump only (Castleford Asda) and I stay clear of that.
Always have a plan B, I think starlings bank are excepted everywhere?

Both Monzo and Starling are both part of MasterCard so equal in acceptance. They give exactly the same reply back as far as I’m aware.

Monzo may now have set an amount they need to auth £99, it should be £1 min balance in theory but that wouldn’t meet the min 2 litre fuel rules with ~119p a litre atm. I’ve used my monzo in the past with less than £99 on these pumps.

Anyone could easily test this have a tenner balance and put the rest temporary in a pot. Try and see if it works. If not transfer another tenner back to the balance and try again etc

There have only been a few of times Monzo has been caught up supermarket fuel issues. Tescos and ASDA like when they “accidentally” managed to block the BINs.

You’re wrong. This isn’t the theory. Other banks operate it like this because they’re happy to take the risk that you don’t pay or default for the sake of simplicity and because they can afford it.

Starling and Monzo don’t have that luxury as they don’t have giant cash reserves and other profit makers to cover it.

That being said I’ve never had a problem with either.

Most likley unauthrised overdraft is taken as the account holder has taken the fuel.

Pay at pump is a life saver when you have social anexity or its 2AM and I forgot to fill the car up

I’m saying for a £99 auth the minimum being £1 in your account in theory.

So if you had just a quid in your balance it authorises up to this amount, so Monzo returns the balance of £1 and the pap would display you can fill up to £1.

I assume it only returns whole integers so £3 balance with the cheapest unleaded being 119p litre and 2 litre minimum fill.

I assume in reality the minimum balance for Monzo to return a partial Auth response would be say a tenner so you could fill up to just a tenner max.

I’m talking about this :point_down:

What happens if I don’t have £100 in my account?

If your account balance is below £100, for example £50, your bank may pass back a message to the pump that it can dispense up to that amount of fuel. The pump will automatically cut out once you have reached the approved amount (or before if you choose to dispense less). This is called ‘partial authorisation’ and ensures you can get the fuel you need.

Most UK AFDs don’t support this yet, annoyingly. If the pump tries to authorise £1, they don’t support it. They should be authorising the £99 on your card, and then they receive and process the available balance message.

Not nescesarily. You just need to be trusted enough by the Monzo systems, even if you don’t have £99 available.

I reckon it’s probably less than one percent of the total in the UK that does the partial auth.

I’ve come across only one that does this properly and it changed the display to read you can fill up to £58 or something like that. I think it was a newish Morrisons fuel station but was ages ago.

Would be interesting to know how many still do £1 auth vs the £99 auth.

The £99 Auth should also be fairly quick to update and capture the actual amount. However using my Amex and filling up almost everyday I’ve had about £594 pending as it’s taken days.

Weirdly I see £100/£98 auth displayed sometimes but still £99 reserved.

The delays on the ajustment caused outcry with good cause.
I had a new style one once and it ajusted after 3 days and i’ll avoid that station from now on.

£99 is alot of money after all.

Last week ( and every few weeks for the last year) i have been filling up at pay at pump Asds. Yesterday went to the same asda and even though they preauthorise only £1 and I had around £15 in my account they rejected the card. Can anyone explain is this ASDA policy change or something with my Monzo account/card?

presumably pre authorising £99 which you didn’t have in your account - see two replies above your post - would seem logical as most fill up around 50 quid so unless you have the funds to cover a regular fill it would decline it …maybe that asda is seeing a lot of fraudulent card transactions because they cant enter the shop and obtaining fuel without the means to pay ? …mere speculation obviously … ??? ,