Card declined, use chip and pin

I have a joint account with my partner , UK Monzo account. We are travelling in the US and his card keeps getting declined. Message says use chip and pin. Chip and pin isn’t available in bars/restaurants, what can we do to fix it ? My card on the other hand is ok , on the same account. I’ve posted in the chat but 6 hours later , not had a reply.

It sounds like it’s part of SCA (strong customer authorisation)

You should have had a notification in app? Using an ATM also resets the limit

You can see your SCA limit remaining in app (account button under your card and scroll to limits)

Yes. We both get a notification when it’s declined as it’s a joint account. This is the US they take the card away and run it through a till. Then come back saying the card is declined. End up giving them my card. They take it away and try again, and it works.
Tried an ATM this morning, card declined message.

Has he turned on mag stripe in the app? just in case…

And it was an atm that accepts Mastercard?

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As @Rat_au_van says, you’ll need to ensure mag-stripe is enabled in the app for either both cards or at least the one JA card that is being used in this way (taken away to swipe)

By default, the magnetic stripe on the card is ‘disabled’ and so the card can’t be swiped - this is a security feature. To enable temporarily for 7 days, in the app;

  • Go to home
  • Select the Joint Account card (swipe horizontally if necessary to centre it)
  • Pull down the transaction feed to show the whole card
  • Tap on the blue ‘Account’ icon under the card
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the account options to the ‘Magstripe ATMs’ toggle and enable it

Swiping the card at a POS terminal or inserting in an older ATM which needs the mag-stripe will now work.

(I’d personally disable this in-app after each successful swipe just to be sure :ok_hand:)

Enjoy the US travelling!


Just tried again at a bank ATM. That didn’t work either. We enabled the magstripe . The message came back on the app saying it was a magstripe payment at a chip terminal . Please retry with chip and pin.

Sounds like a damaged card to me.
Especially if one card works and the other doesn’t.
Although I am just guessing.


As Ivan suggested could well be a damaged card. However, when travelling in the states I’ve had a lot of issues using UK cards over the years as often they don’t use chip and the card machines simply won’t recognise my UK cards (apart from my Amex). I’ve also had the issue where I’ve had to go to 2 or 3 different cash points until I can withdraw cash. I tend to find Bank Of America ATM’s are the best.

Beyond hoping it corrects itself, you might need to use another account until your home.

Mag Stripe in App is just for ATM.

Mag stripe ATMs in the US are very common.

Most terminals in bars and restaurants do not allow Chip + PIN they are Chip + Signature

Same in many shops even with Pin Pad.