Card declined reporting


It is a beta and it is prepaid. If you wait for the current account that will have a debit card rather than prepaid.

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The resolution will come with the current accounts where Monzo will no longer be considered like a prepaid card. In the meantime I don’t think anything will be done - even if they tried by the time they fix this the current accounts would be out so it would’ve been quite pointless.

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Oh Uber works again with my card

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Got declined while trying to buy MetroCard in NYC, probably because you need to type postcode, but my UK postcode isn’t numeric, obviously!

It’s been few days and despite transactions were declined the money was still taken, transactions marked as pending and no refund. Anybody knows how long it might take?

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money wasn’t taken, it was ‘ring fenced’… It should drop off after 5 days or so - or contact support if it hasn’t

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(Marta) #87

There was similar post not so long ago, Sarah explained that her colleague got it to work by using 00000 as zip code:

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Okay thanks, I will try to use the 00000 trick next time!

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Should be 6–7 days exactly but we’ll reverse it if you let support know!

The magic zip code appears to be either 00000 or 99999. :thinking:

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Even using a Barclays debit card at the self service fuel pumps they authorise £1 them appear to request the fuel amount a day or two later, Im guessing they don’t accept prepaid cards for some techie type issue around authorisation.


Given that they never authorise the full amount, it could be that they’re afraid the card has no money in it and that prepaid card issues are more likely to tell them to F’ off where as standard debit card providers may let the account go overdrawn to process their transaction.

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Hello, the card doesn’t appear to work with the new contactless payment devices on the ticket machines in London Waterloo (says declined + doesn’t appear on the app at all). I’ve tried a few machines and the contactless works elsewhere.


Which generation card do you have, as they have different chips

(Hugh) #95

Does it explicitly say declined, or do you get an “unspecified system error”. If the card machine explicitly declines your card, that means either the machine couldn’t get online (although 2nd gen cards should work better offline) or Monzo declined the transaction. If the latter, you should get a notification.

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Costco now accept Monzo. Used it today!

(Rika) #97

Great to hear, they must have whitelisted our card BIN! :tada:

(Richard Edwards) #98

I was in email conversations with them for about a week & did have to send over the first few numbers of the card.

Ended up speaking to the point of sale manager and hey presto it worked.

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I got Card not supported at the Sheraton in Stockholm using my 2nd gen CA card. Starling worked ok.


Card (contactless) declined at Tesco @ Piccadilly in London for around 8 quid. Used it about 45 mins prior at M&S Oxford St for about 7 pounds, which was OK.

No description other than “Card declined” in the app. Used a debit card and it went through fine. Had sufficient funds on the Monzo card and wasn’t frozen.


please see this: