Card declined greggs

So… Are you going to post a new thread for every different type of shop that this issue happens on?

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Its not doing any harm is it ? If you dont like my posts then dont bother replying and wasting time :crazy_face:


Quick phone NFC test - tap :monzocard: to :unlock:ed :iphone:, get :handshake: that all is :ok_hand:

And in words; tap your physical Monzo card to the back of your [unlocked] phone (if you know where the NFC transmit/receive area is specifically, tap it there) - your phone should acknowledge a NFC tag has been tapped by playing a sound or showing a display box. If nothing happens, it may be your phone that is not configured for NFC correctly, or is faulty. Assuming you have a phone with NFC to start with of course.

I agree, this is a great tip!

If it doesn’t appear as a decline in the app, it means Monzo didn’t receive a message from that merchant. It effectively means the terminal didn’t even try to send the message, the transaction failed right there at the terminal for some reason.

I reckon Monzo are just trying to limit your Sausage Roll intake.

I wish there was a Sausage Roll block as well as a gambling block…

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thanks @davidwalton

I’ve tried this before, and sometimes it pops up with " new tag collected " but usually nothing happens.

Cannot be a problem though as thats the first time ive ever had that specific " Transaction Declined " message.
For good measure I Tried it in Boots and the google pay worked fine. So as others are saying it must be a terminal issue

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Was also thinking this, I buy Greggs pretty much everyday… it’s becoming a problem.

The test is only to check your phone’s NFC works. In this case, it seems the terminal was the cause of the issue, unless @BritishLibrary is on to something…

If I had a failure at one shop, I’d probably wait until I’d tried contactless in a different shop before asking everyone’s opinion about what the cause might be.

If contactless works in the second place, you know you’re good. If it doesn’t, the fault is with the card, unless you find out there is a wider network outage. This test will diagnose the problem quicker and more accurately than the opinions of a forum of people.


It does infact work, I wasn’t holding my card to my phone for long enough.
Just been to the corner shops and contactless/nfc worked fine.

Thanks everyone

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