Card declined for insufficient funds when balance IS available

Hi, my monzo prepay card was just declined for having insufficient funds but the app says the balance is greater than the amount I’m trying to take out. The card was last topped up 4 days ago so funds should be cleared.

I’m travelling in Japan and the card has worked perfectly so far but now definitely going to struggle if it stops

Please help!

It’s still a beta, you are advised to carry a spare.

I am carrying a spare but I have £200 topped up on the card that I now cannot get hold of

Hi @Charlotte_parrington!

There are no outages reported so everything should be up and running :+1:

Have you checked whether your card is frozen? If it isn’t, you’re best contacting support via in app chat or so they can look at your account specifics.

Let us know what happens :slight_smile:


That’s a helpful statement to someone on holiday!


you say “The card was last topped up 4 days ago so funds should be cleared”

I assume you “topped up” with a bank transfer from your legacy bank to monzo rather than a debit card transfer - if its not showing in the app as balance its presumably not cleared or possibly not registered to your prepaid account (9 digit account number at bottom of card) - if it was cleared it would be showing in your balance - if you had topped up with a debit card this top up would have been confirmed in your balance screen at the time you did it

  • the only people that can help to see where these ( non ) cleared funds are is Monzo Cops through the app or tweet them on twitter

  • just one last thought you haven’t reached your spending limits ? - check card - settings - spending limits - in your app - that obviously wouldn’t affect your balance though, but you say you have sufficient funds in to cover the withdrawal yet it was declined ??? :slight_smile: good luck

these are all guesses based on interpreted assumptions on the public forum Im afraid - Monzo staff will have all your details and can advise correctly :slight_smile:

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@Charlotte_parrington Hi Charlotte, so sorry for the inconvenience here! I’ve flagged with a member of the support team who is looking into it for you - just dm’ed for a few details.


Hi all, Turns out I had got close to the monthly withdrawal limit. Many thanks for all useful help


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