Order Replacement Card

(Barry McKelvey) #1


I see in the latest Test Flight Update, the option to order a replacement card. I dont see this option in app :-S Have I misread? How do u go about this?



(Stuart Cameron) #2

@barrymckelvey Click on your balance then freeze the card and the option is shown.

If I loose my card in a years time or when it expires, will it be replaced with an Alpha card?

(Daniel Chatfield) #3

@stuart Replacement cards won’t be alpha cards

(Stuart Cameron) #4

@daniel uh oh. better try not loose it!

(Barry McKelvey) #5

@daniel What would replacement cards be if not Alpha. Would there be a difference?



(Barry McKelvey) #6


If u lose an Alpha Card, what does the replacement become? What’s the difference?



(Stuart Cameron) #7

@barrymckelvey I’m assuming they will be replaced with a standard Mondo card (with no Alpha on it!).

(Barry McKelvey) #8

@stuart Hi

Ok, no real biggy then lol.


(Richard Dingwall ) #9

You’ll get a Mondo Beta card😃

They’re exactly the same as Alpha cards, except have white embossed text, the new logo, and the laminated title say “Beta” instead of “Alpha”. :credit_card:

(James Billingham) #10

If you order a replacement card, I assume your existing card is permanently disabled? If it is subsequently found, could it be reactivated?

(Richard Dingwall ) #11

The old card would be permanently disabled and any balance transferred across to the new card. We don’t currently support multiple cards on a single account (yet).


Is this not yet available on the android app?

(Rika Raybould) #13

Just checked for you and it looks like the answer may be no.

If you do need a replacement card, freeze the card and then contact support for now.

(David Thornton) #14

Would be preferable if I could order one or more replacement cards in advance, perhaps for a small fee per card, to keep hold of. Should I lose the current card in service, that can be deactivated and one of my replacements is immediately on hand to be activated as its replacement.

This would suit those that travel.