Damaged Card


My card was rejected today at an ATM because the card was damaged. Fair enough, it has been loose in my pocket for the last 6 months (being used well) and I had started to see the laminate peel off last month at the edges.

I went to order a new card, and found out there is no option to replace a damaged card. I know I could have just ‘lied’ and stated I had lost the card but most banks have an automatic option to replace damaged cards without telling white lies.

I did contact customer services and 5 minutes later was informed to use ‘instructed by customer services’ which I did. I have zero complaints and enjoy using Monzo. It just made me think it should be an option on the drop down menu so wanted to feed this back!

Damaged card replacement

I had the same problem with another bank so had to put lost when in fact it was just deteriorated/worn