Card colour difference

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s important to sort the colour issue. I also have a keen eye and regularly correct people using hyphens when they should use n-dashes or bad kerning.

It is pretty sad to reorder a card because it’s not bright enough though. Especially as ultimately it takes money from Monzo that should be used for improving things for the rest of us.

Imo it does make someone dull if not something worse. I’ve noticed an increase in credit card vanity that’s gone way beyond the standard centurion card Patrick Bateman late capitalist nonsense. The worst part is that it makes them an example of exactly the sort of vacant, self absorbed, status obsessed narcissism that robs people daily of the sort of supportive society that could be possible.

What would be dull is everyone liking and agreeing on the same things.

Thankfully that’s not the case :slight_smile:


I agree. :laughing:


Couldn’t agree more. Hence the imo.

Gosh, some strong opinions here! When I started this thread it was to highlight the difference in standard and the brand importance, wouldn’t order a new card unless it didn’t work/lost etc …

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Hi all,

I received a replacement Monzo card recently after my old card began to crack along the magnetic strip.

My new card is a completely different shade of pink to my old one. It’s no longer ‘Hot Coral’ and more blurry faded peach, with quite a bad print quality.

Anyone else noticed this or had issues?

Old card is on the left and new card is on the right.
[snip: removed card images]

You aren’t alone.

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I’ve moved your post to another thread og the same topic

Be very careful with those card images. I know it’s your old card but I can make out the last 8 numbers and the first 7-8 are always the same.

Yes it is.

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I’m reminded of the story of the first printing of the collected Watchmen, when David Gibbons insisted on being present at the printer as the books started running off the press, so he could make adjustments to the colours while everything was printing!


So I opened my app and had a notification that Monzo had cancelled my card and was sending a new one as they thought I was a victim of fraud (I work on a cruise ship so use it all over the world… literally ALL OVER).
This hasn’t been a problem for the last three years but suddenly I must have tripped it and they sent a new one out to me…

…a peach coloured card.

I’ll be honest and say I was massively disappointed. I know Monzo have now used a second manufacturer of cards to keep up with demand but you guys really need to make sure the new card company can match the same colour quality as the other company.

I have used my card the world over (my ship does a world cruise every year for four months) and the amount of smiles I’ve had when giving the card over was amazing. I’ve had everyone talk about the card. In China where nobody spoke a word of English the cashier in the mall called a bunch of girls over who thought I was a rockstar with that card. It’s a shame you’ve lost a huge part of your branding identity with these new ‘peach’ colours :pensive:

Get the card company to print them accurately or tell them you’ll go elsewhere. You’re the customer here.


I guess the thing here would be a person refusing to get on an easyJet plane just because it had a washed out colour and requesting a new flight.

This has been covered by comments that people shouldn’t really ask for a new card if the colour is not correct. The plane will still fly in your analogy, the card will still work.

To my point, this is a Monzo issue as the colour is their brand and identity and they don’t seem to value consistent branding (for whatever internal reason).

We’ve already been through this. How have you found this topic too? I’ve slept since then :laughing:

Oh I don’t know, just ignore me :slight_smile:

Brews coffee


Milk no sugar please :smiley:

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You’re behind the times. You have to specify what sort of milk you want these days.

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I once tried it black and I’ve never gone back :coffee:

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Literally the second reply in the thread by @simonb invites customers to request a new card if the one they get isn’t up to standards. Some people may think its not an issue and that’s fine, but others may want - and expect - the brightly coloured cards which stand out and spark a bit of joy being seen, and used. There’s no need to mock and belittle people for raising a quality issue.

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