Card colour difference

There is no need to be rude.

I’ve said a few times now that I’ve raised it so that they’re aware and can hopefully rectify it. I won’t see the change anytime soon but the tens of thousands that sign up daily and replace their expired/lost/stolen cards will.

Lastly, there is nothing wrong having a keen eye and an appreciation of nice design. It certainly doesn’t label someone as “dull”.


Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s important to sort the colour issue. I also have a keen eye and regularly correct people using hyphens when they should use n-dashes or bad kerning.

It is pretty sad to reorder a card because it’s not bright enough though. Especially as ultimately it takes money from Monzo that should be used for improving things for the rest of us.

Imo it does make someone dull if not something worse. I’ve noticed an increase in credit card vanity that’s gone way beyond the standard centurion card Patrick Bateman late capitalist nonsense. The worst part is that it makes them an example of exactly the sort of vacant, self absorbed, status obsessed narcissism that robs people daily of the sort of supportive society that could be possible.

What would be dull is everyone liking and agreeing on the same things.

Thankfully that’s not the case :slight_smile:


I agree. :laughing:


Couldn’t agree more. Hence the imo.

Gosh, some strong opinions here! When I started this thread it was to highlight the difference in standard and the brand importance, wouldn’t order a new card unless it didn’t work/lost etc …

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Hi all,

I received a replacement Monzo card recently after my old card began to crack along the magnetic strip.

My new card is a completely different shade of pink to my old one. It’s no longer ‘Hot Coral’ and more blurry faded peach, with quite a bad print quality.

Anyone else noticed this or had issues?

Old card is on the left and new card is on the right.
[snip: removed card images]

You aren’t alone.

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I’ve moved your post to another thread og the same topic

Be very careful with those card images. I know it’s your old card but I can make out the last 8 numbers and the first 7-8 are always the same.

Yes it is.

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I’m reminded of the story of the first printing of the collected Watchmen, when David Gibbons insisted on being present at the printer as the books started running off the press, so he could make adjustments to the colours while everything was printing!