Card colour difference

Literally the second reply in the thread by @simonb invites customers to request a new card if the one they get isn’t up to standards. Some people may think its not an issue and that’s fine, but others may want - and expect - the brightly coloured cards which stand out and spark a bit of joy being seen, and used. There’s no need to mock and belittle people for raising a quality issue.

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Hey Wilksie - Please feel free to replace the card in the app if you’d like and hopefully you’ll receive one of the intended colour.

We’re so sorry about this. Our branding is hugely important to us, and we have put in a huge amount of work with the card manufacturers to try and keep everything consistent. We do believe that this happening less and less, but we’re definitely sorry to have let you down here.

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Recently got married so had a new card automatically issued showing my new name change and have to say my card… is still bright and still HOT coral so maybe this has either been resolved :white_check_mark: or I’ve had a good batch :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Congratulations :smile:

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Thanks @simonb

I’ll keep it as it is as it still works but I just wanted to report that it’s still happening.

That ‘hot coral’ colour seriously impresses (especially in Asia) and I just didn’t want you to lose that sparkle that sets you out from the others.

Thanks for the feedback and glad to know you guys are working on it.

Just received my replacement card and it looks like hot peach :memo:

I received a replacement card last week by IDEMIA and it was pale Hot Coral. I replaced it and received a TAG Systems card which was a more vivid Hot Coral.

Does the card supplier change depending on where you live?

I have a IDEMIA card and live in the west midlands.

Mines allpay, assuming Monzo don’t use them anymore but the colours great.

Nope, it’s not based on geography. The only factor is the time that you order it.


So when do we need to order to get a TAG card? I’ve had numerous replacements and they’ve all been the terrible blurry hot peach from IDEMIA.

Looks horrible when comparing to my original card.

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Unfortunately this is still happening.

I didn’t understand why people were so fussed about it until it happened to me…

The IDEMIA card I received should have been rejected, it’s pallid and very underwhelming… I would say salmon pink rather than hot coral! I don’t understand why Monzo would put up with this as the costs will ultimately fall upon their shoulders when people order repeated replacements just to get a proper hot coral card…

Hopefully my next replacement will be a TAG SYSTEMS one… :monzocard:

So is mine, because I’ve never felt the need to compare mine to anyone elses, I’m not sure if mine is good or bad!

I’m going to close this thread now :slight_smile:

We have worked with IDEMIA to get the coral core to the right shade, which is what is causing the current card stock to look a little washed out :+1: As the old cards get used up, the new stock will start to filter through :raised_hands: