Card and account details for current accounts

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(One of the big rules in customer experience design is “don’t make me think”!)

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I get that. I posted the above as it’s fairly easy to find your own (although having it in the app is preferred)

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That’s interesting. Anyone who works in customer service will tell you people who don’t think for themselves are the worst customers.

(Justin) #44

However, Monzo has stated its aim to be a financially inclusive bank, and that means also catering to customers with lower literacy and numeracy levels (reportedly around 20% of the UK population). Expecting those customers to work out their IBAN on their own would seem to go against that stated objective. Add customers who are dyslexic and may struggle, and providing details like these in a format all customers can understand feels to me like a no-brainier (though always interested in hearing arguments against including this information)


I think having the IBAN and the swift/BIC code in the app is a good idea. I know there are new standards coming up with making it easier to send payments abroad using SEPA. But I would think having it all their for the customer makes it easier for all.


only 20%? I would have thought it was higher than that

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Possibly depends on where in the country you live.


I used to travel around various counties as a rep and in some places I would need an interpreter for their almost neanderthal language and have to open the door for those who can’t read the difference between pull and push :joy:

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I believe you’re talking about Luton.

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When you say Luton do you mean dunstable?

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Well, Dunstable is a shithole but it’s not quite Luton.


Grays and Tillbury…


Back on topic :wink: I think the IBAN should also be available in the app.

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I mean this was my point…
You can generate IBAN and BIC from account number and sort code. Why have yet more stuff in the app?

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Because nigh-on 100% of people don’t even know what an IBAN is, let alone how to generate their own checksum.

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Maybe this:


what a hassle to go to a website to generate it when it could just appear in the app!


Good discussion here! Just jumping in to say that we’ll be showing IBAN under BIC so that nobody needs to go elsewhere to piece it together.

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End of thread then I think.

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I’m struggling to understand why some people don’t want the IBAN displayed in the account details. The fact that you can calculate it (either manually or on a website) doesn’t mean that’s a great experience. Imagine what we’d be saying about a legacy bank that offered this as a ‘solution’ to a feature Monzo offers?

I have no reason to expect Monzo won’t just display the IBAN, but I’d appreciate any insight from people as to why they’re arguing against a simple display of it, and for people calculating their own?