Card and account details for current accounts

(Hugh) #61

Good point. I stand corrected.


To make it easy for those who require the information?

(Andre Borie) #63

Does SEPA work for the current accounts? I thought it didn’t yet.

(Caroline ) #64

Yes I would strongly agree with this. IBAN is of more use nowadays than BIC to be honest. I spend some of the year in Greece and we use IBAN for everything. If you give someone your banking details for bank transfer or whatever, it’s always IBAN in full. It’s so much easier. I am hoping to use Monzo as my sole UK bank account eventually - so looking forward to this!


Nowadays I am having to use BIC/swift as international sort code and the IBAN as the international bank account number.

(James Billingham) #66

The only reason it wasn’t in the designs is because Monzo accounts don’t support international transfers yet.

The BIC is still needed for CHAPS, although I believe the one shown is not valid for use with CHAPS yet


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(David Lynn) #69

While not a problem for the time being, more importantly when current accounts are introduced, I have been finding the sharing of my sort code and account number a bit of a pain from regular bank’s apps.

While most banks have mobile pay, for many people it is often easier for both parties to link up using a sort code and account number. A simple feature would be a share account information button which will format the sort code and account number to save me from typing it out and possibly making a mistake.

A simple share button next to the account number and sort code would be enough.
Small feature but could save us some time and trouble.

(james_e_bell) #70

Good idea. Though if its for for the purposes of requesting payment, I think the ‘request money’ feature coming up might be considering this usecase too

(David Lynn) #71

Thanks for the information! In that case great. I will take a look out for the request money feature.

Sort code and account number is something that only needs to be done once, but wow I don’t want to type it wrong. :wink:

(Jamal) #72

Gonna give this a bump as I just experienced a need for this with my CA and thought it would be a great idea

(Patrick) #73

On CA app (Android at least). Long pressing the account number or sort code, automatically saves it to clipboard where you can then paste out of app.

(Tony Hoyle) #74

It used to but when I tried it just now it seems to be no longer the case.

(Colin Robinson) #75

Same as iOS last time I checked :slight_smile:

(Patrick) #76

Still works for me…

(Tony Hoyle) #77

Odd. On mine the sort code and account number used to be obviously clickable but now they’re just text and pressing/long pressing them does nothing.

App version 2.0.0-alpha3


Can’t wait to get a current account. Hope it rolls out sooner.

(Peter) #79

Should it also have the IBAN details on your home screen??


How about a button alongside the bank account details which enabled you to send a text of your bank details to a contact so they can wire in money to your account

(Tom ) #81

I’ve moved your post here as it’s something we were given a sneak peak of a little while ago.