Card and account details for current accounts

(Adam Kendrew) #21

It will be interesting to see how much this is used when they make the switch.

(Tom ) #22

Looking great - my one stop shop for all the details I’ll ever need.

Being able to access the long card number would be great - as well as being able share by copying it into the clipboard.

(i know the first 3 numbers) #23

please do this !!!

(i know the first 3 numbers) #24

Right now the only other option is typing in your card details into 1password and that just feels weird

(Dawid) #25

I have a question about the current account, apologies if it has been answered before.

Do we get some kind of confirmation when we will be selected to receive debit card etc? Or is it just that one day the debit card arrives? I’m currently travelling so I don’t want to miss it and would need to notify somebody to pick it up for me


you are not getting a card turn up

you will at some point get email inviting you to apply and do ID checks before getting a card

(Dan Woodhouse) #27

I have Touch ID enabled on the app - can’t it be done so if touchID or a pin is enabled then the full number displays automatically because you’ve already authenticated?

Then it’s user choice.

(Dan) #28

I’m just imagining a scenario whereby you could display starred out as you have, and then simply tap on the starred out numbers to display them as the whole uncensored number. If use PIN/TouchID to unlock app then display immediately, if not prompt for Pin/TouchID to display at that point. :+1:


I say thanks for sharing. I have to agree that I would prefer not to have a second layer for the card number. Would be good to show IBAN when it’s fully able to be used. Overall like the look of the iOS version.

( #30

I think it would be massively useful to have the long card number in the app. Especially if you can copy it.

(John Driscoll) #31

That’s perfect - looks really great :smile: release!

(Peter Jennings) #32

I’d second that.If your going to show the BIC, showing the IBAN makes sense too.

(Justin) #33

Definitely. An IBAN feels very necessary to me

(Hugh) #34

But they are just constructed? They aren’t “generated” persay? (because they are just extrapolations of your account number and sort)


they are generated by an algorythm with check digits and not just from sort code and account number


The IBAN more important than the BIC particularly with the SEPAIO changes now meaning you should be able to send money from a bank in the SEPA zone without needing a BIC, so in principle (if SEPA zone banks are fully compliant with the latest specs) only transfers from outside the SEPA zone (such as SWIFT payments) will require the BIC.

(Hugh) #37

Yes, but the account number and sort code are the items needed to generate the IBAN and BIC. It’s not like they are “unique” in the sense that they can only be generated by Monzo.

(Justin) #38

Yes, but Monzo customers who expect to receive payments from abroad will need to know their account’s IBAN. More information here:

(Adam) #39

we know Monzo’s BIC is MONZGB21
So the IBAN will be GBXXMONZ040004YYYYYYYY
Where Y is your account number and XX is a 2 digit number to satisfy the checksum

(Justin) #40

That’s useful. However, most customers won’t want to do the legwork themselves, and many are already quite paranoid about money being sent to the wrong place because account details aren’t clear (and unaware of how checksums work) so I’d suggest adding it to the account page - as is becoming industry practice