Add Account Number & Sort Code to the Debit Card

(Mike) #65

I take your points. However, it is not practical to rely on an app or phone alone. There has to be some form of documentation or perhaps an online portal that you can access the details in the event that your phone/device is inactive or lost.

Practically, having your details on the app alone, just won’t work.

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(Nick) #66

Seems to be working for me.


(Colin Robinson) #67

On iOS you can press and hold to copy so I’ve got them safely tucked away in 1Password now and safely backed up on my Mac :sunglasses:


(Richard Bairwell) #68

Had the opposite problem once - had a security lock which had the same digits as my phone code (just two digits transposed). Memorising the security lock code caused me to forget my phone code :frowning:


(Tommy Long) #69

Why would they need your address? The only things you need to setup a direct debit are sort code and account number


(Hugo Cornejo) #70

Some quick insights from a design perspective.

The main reason why we don’t want account numbers printed on the card is that at some point we might want to let you create multiple accounts and dynamically link the card to any of those accounts and things like that. So, the more “static” info we print on the card the worse.

Regarding the convenience of copying card details from the app. What we currently have in the app is still a very naive approach. @vuokko has recently been working on making it much much better, maybe she’s keen on sharing a small sneak peek? :wink:


Card and account details for current accounts
Special purpose account numbers
(Hugh) #71

It is a requirement to collect a billing adress (to post you the mandate for one thing) and I believe it may be sent to the bank when the merchent requests to set up the DD?


(Colin Robinson) #72

@crablab Yes, there are still some places where you can’t change a DD online or over the phone - thought this was 2017? Just had this with Phoenix Life who took over my Scottish Provident endowment policy!

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I’m here just getting used to how you do things as it’s sooooooo different but in a good way😎



Personally there are pros and cons but as was said earlier somewhere let’s have the choice or have it in the app so it’s there as we all have phones and if it’s on the app we will
All have the details when we need them , a virtual card with all the details on


(Terry) #75

I have my phone on me all of the time, I just go into the app on the phone to look at my account number and sort code. Easy :slight_smile:



Been changing over direct debits for the last few days.

Already committed sort code and A/C No. to memory :ok_hand:t2:


(John) #77

Exactly… OP said it was a hassle to switch apps to get the sort code/acc number. I have my phone on me much more than I do my wallet.

I actually think it’s a bonus having it on the phone, too often I’ve been in work buying something or setting up a DD online only to have left my wallet or card at home. Now I’ll never have to worry about that with the details in the app


(Stephen Spencer) #78

I know it’s been suggested near the top of thread already but I think it bears repeating:

or something like this if you want to be tidier (although these are a bit big):

I find having the details on the front of my Barclays Debit card useful occasionally (though usually only for money transfer with friends, which I can now use for), so I may also find myself using one of the above high-tech solutions, but I can probably live without



While I used to find the details on the card useful, I personally don’t require it anymore. My monzo account number is nice and easy to remember!

With all the new accounts around at the moment with various benefits and cashback, I currently remember around 4 sets of account+sort codes, and have 10 different cards in my wallet. Each has a different pin and login details for each provider and somehow I’ve just learnt them (although 1 card i can’t remember the pin for :frowning: )

Some of these cards have both sort+account, some only have the sort code.

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Yes! Take a peek at the new card and account designs here.


(Philip) #81

I personally don’t want the details on the card. I believe this is iOS issue since Android has split screen and quick switching, so I don’t see it being an issue for myself and would like additional security where possible.

However, to aid mobile use it may be an option to create a code notification upon request. Lastpass can do this with username and passwords, where notifications pop up when you ask it to, then in the other app you can swipe down to see them in the notification tray (on Android selecting the notification will actually copy it so you can paste right into the app). This requires fingerprint Auth to do, notifications time out if not used and works really well in any app.

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(Eve) #82

Sounds like what they’re planning to introduce in the new layout for current accounts!

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(Jedihomer Townend) #83

To be honest, I would assume most of any App work would now be on the CA app, which security/bug fixes only on the prepaid App.


(Jon Rushton) #84

I’m currently with NatWest (Monzo current account card is en route!), and have not had those details on my card for as long as I can remember… The way I see it, if you need the details infrequently, then checking the app is no big deal. If you need them frequently then remembering them shouldn’t be a big deal. Leave them off!