How do I get my card?

I have just signed up a account to get a monzo card. So once they get my card ready, they will post it to me, right ? But I haven’t been asked for my address.
Or I will have to go to their office to pick it up? Does anyone have any idea?? Thank you

Hello :wave::wave: once you Top Up with £100 then your card is sent .


Thank you, So once I top it up, they will ask my address, right?
Because I’m about to move to a new house.

I’d contact support to be sure. There very responsive .

Cool, thank you so much!

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Once you’re at the front of the queue and your card is ready to be sent out. You’ll be asked to top-up with £100. As well as this, they will ask for your address details so they know where to post the card to.

Yes, you’re asked to confirm your postal address before we send anything out :postbox: