Car Rentals on Mondo

(Kal Mba) #1

Hi Mondonians!

About 2 Months ago…

Car Rental aches… I decided to rent a car to see my cousin in Leeds after he had a baby not realising that after renting a car getting money back was like raiding fortknox!

Surely a bank that is worth more than 14 billion Barc…(Please hurry up with the banking licence) should be able to have a process to make this quicker. especially if it was frozen not deducted from my account.

On the 27th may I was told by my rental company that the release of funds could take up to 10 Working day to process…and it took till the 15th of June :astonished:

with :mondo:, would it be possible to process these frozen/held refunds quicker??

(Josh Bray) #3

Just contact the support via the live chat. They can manually release the funds