Car company won't accept Monzo/Neobanks

I cannot use my monzo card to hire cars from Enterprise.

Enterprise, and Enterprise Car Club both refuse to accept my monzo card now.

I tried to sign up for their car club service, having used it quite a lot before, and was refused. I asked why and they said this:

“Since your last membership the risk management have changed the underwriting.
Applicants with challenger bank cards are being vetted mush more strictly.” [sic]

I am confused and infuriated by this.

I had been a customer for about a year, hiring cars whenever I needed them, and never failing to pay my fees. Now they don’t want me, and it’s because they don’t like monzo.

I asked for clarification on how to sign up with a monzo card and they confirmed there is no way to do it at all.

“The underwriting prohibits further progress with a Monzo card. If you every obtain a high street bank card, please do reapply.” [sic]

Has anyone else experienced companies rejecting them as customers for using monzo or any other specific bank?


They can refuse to have you as a customer for absolutely any reason they like. It’s not discrimination.


@Revels you’re wrong in both of those things. There are laws that prohibit certain types of discrimination. A company can’t refuse a customer for “any reason they like”. If they deliberately refuse all black people, that’s clearly illegal, and for good reason.

On the second thing you said: It is discrimination by definition, they are refusing a specific category of people. The law probably doesn’t have any protections for me in this case, but just because it is legal doesn’t mean it’s not discrimination.

I’d like for this thread to stay on topic, I’m not asking about the legality of this situation, I’m asking if other companies are doing this with monzo customers.


100% correct.

But likely to fall foul of Mastercard rules? They either take Mastercard or they do not I think?


I’m not wrong on either account.

Race is a protected characteristic. Being a Monzo customer is not.

Certain airlines to it too, don’t let customers pay for items while “in the air” but nothing ever comes of it and it will work if you don’t tell them.

If they have the Monzo BIN stored, (standard/Plus/Premium/colours) then you can either use another card or use another rental company.


I was going to say that protected characteristics are the exception to your first reply, but I see you’ve caught it yourself now. I did think that while (as you note) the reply wasn’t wrong, per se, it was at least inaccurate.

I wonder what happened to make Enterprise decide to decline to accept. I know back when Monzo was a pre-paid card there was concern in some areas (pubs, largely) that people would run up a bill and then freeze or empty the card before the money could be taken. But since Monzo has been a full bank, customers should be no less accountable than at any other bank.


That’s not discrimination :person_facepalming: you’re seriously comparing actual discrimination where people suffer to a company not accepting you as a Monzo customer :rofl: oh dear my heart bleeds.


@Revels no, you are wrong, read my message properly.
I understand what protected characteristics are.
This is now very off-topic.

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@DaveJ nope, I did no such thing.You chose to read something I didn’t write.

Nope you literally wrote it’s discrimination, this is like a GCSE drama exam just on a forum post, foomin I tell you.

It is discrimination though, by definition.


There’s a link on this page where you can report this to Monzo .

I think Monzo may be able to sort this out, I vaguely remember some Mastercard of PSD rules that don’t allow certain banks to be blocked.

I would find it annoying too, being pushed into using certain banks by a merchant. No doubt there’s some shareholder relationship going on there.


It’s in the title of your topic ‘Companies discriminate against monzo users’

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They do discriminate though, that’s just factual. The OP never said it was comparable to discrimination based on a protected characteristic.

People are reading something that clearly isn’t written and jumping on it.


Thankyou for a useful reply :slight_smile:
I will report this now.


I edited the title to make it clearer what the challenge was and that a solution has been provided, hopefully no-one minds


Minority spoiling good things for everyone.

The answer to your question concerning other companies acting in this way is yes, I had the same issue with a local store for similar reasons (and not a rental company): I asked to be referred to refusal team within Monzo chat. I was asked to provided full details of company, date etc and what occurred: an investigation took place: the resolution to my complaint was confirmation that the company would now accept Monzo for payment. I am not confident you will have the same outcome but I’d definitely pass this onto the team to look into.

*Apologies should have read entire thread see this advice already given


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