Monzo card not accepted by car rental company

I tried to rent a car from Green Motion in London but they denied me to rent the car as I only had a Monzo card with me. I had also already pre-paid for the car rental online with my Monzo card.

The reason they stated is that they no longer accept renting to people who use Monzo as they have had cars stolen in the past by people who have used Monzo.

I have previously rented cars from other Green Motion branches in the UK with no issues.

Posting this more of a caution than a question as I don’t want other people to have the same hassle.



I’d like to see some proof of this claim tbh


You should probably report this in app so they can have a word with them


This is against MasterCard rules so I’d definitely report this in app as well so that monzo can escalate it.

You can also self report merchants via -


Sounds like they still think Monzo is a pre-paid card and not a real current account debit card.


Fyi some excess insurance companies exclude specifically Green Motion in the terms & conditions as they are perceived a bit scammy…


Good point, I’ll report it via the app now also.


Classic. Because no-one would use any other card to steal cars.

Thanks for posting this, I can add them to my banned list; I will not use any companies which treat me like a suspect.


I thought using a debit card for car hire (deposit) was a big no-no anyway? Maybe times have changed…


You have a banned list…? :open_mouth:

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Broken link for me…?

This is the first time I have struck this. I have rented cars from two other Green Motion offices in the UK and used another company in Switzerland using my Monzo card. No problems those times.

I do. A list of companies I won’t deal with. To get on the list, a company has to act against what I perceive to be the common good, or be a company that violates my principles, one of which is don’t treat customers as if they were suspects.

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This has really peaked my interest. Would it be something you are willing to share? I don’t have a banned list, but I for one will never use another Bank again after the way I have been treated as just an ‘account number’ and nothing more

The list of companies that you do deal with must be extremely short.

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The only thing that keeps me from cowering in a corner and starving to death is my huge daily injection of cognitive dissonance :wink:


It’s situations like this that we could really do with Monzo being a bit more well known nationwide… maybe time for a full blown ad campaign?

This is the sort of hassle that no one wants but there is very little we as the customer can do about it, and at present all it does is fuel the arguement against going #fullmonzo

See? You do have a banned list - every bank that isn’t Monzo.

My list isn’t in a spreadsheet, or written down to be consulted before making any purchase - it’s much more amorphous than that.

Some examples -

Nestlé - cos baby formula milk - Since they bought Rowntree I can no longer eat a Kit-Kat, so I’m truly suffering for my principles!
Starbucks - cos they once sold me a coffee that tasted like warmed up mud
Currys/Dixons/PCWorld (whatever they are called) - cos one of their employees lied to me in 1977
Coke - cos anti union activity, stealing farmers’ water supplies, various other misdemeanours