Can't view the address in Contact Details

Issue: I want to check my address. In Settings, Personal Details, Contact Details, the address appears on a single line, and runs off the edge of the screen. I expected > to show me the full address - however it takes me to the New Home Address screen.

Details to reproduce: Simply enter an address that’s too long for the screen width
OS: iOS 15.2.1
Device: iPhone 13 mini
App Version: 4.14.0


It should go onto multiple lines. Or at least that’s what it does on mine rather than having to click to see more.

That’s interesting. I’m only missing the final two letters of the postcode. Perhaps it would fit on one line, but the calculation doesn’t allow room for the >

I’m missing the last bit of my postcode

But you can check the address on a statement

i can see my full address it runs across a couple of lines

Not sure what the vote button is for on bug reporting but I presume it’s a this issue affects me too button so I’ve clicked it.

Why don’t they just format each element line by line as one would normally format an address?

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Thanks - good workaround!