Can’t fill in address


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Replacing card, I can’t click continue on the form once I’ve filled in my address. So can’t order a new card.

Hey @Lab1 and welcome :wave:

It’s probably worth reaching out to the Customer Support team if you haven’t already to ask them for help around this as we’re just a community. Could you provide some further details such as the OS you have and what steps you took to get to this issue?

Good luck!

If you’d rather do it through here you may have a bit of a wait (or not get a reply at all) but I’d recommend filling in all the fields you’ve left blank. At least this way the community might be able to help :slight_smile:

Hi, I have the same issue. When I try to change my address for the delivery address on my new card, I click on my address from the list but it does nothing. It looks like non of the buttons on that screen are activated. When I try to cancel out of the screen with the addresses also doesn’t work and I have to close the app. I am on iOS 15+. When searching on how to raise bugs in the app, it redirected me to here so I reckon is being monitored by someone?

If you reach out to someone from the help section, most articles should have a chat button at the very bottom, and someone will be able to do this for you.