Can't dispute a Flex transaction?

I booked some flights on my Flex card on 1 Jan for 288.88, chose to pay over 3 months, so far so good.

But now that original amount has doubled to 576.76, saying there’s been another transaction for the same amount added on 4 Jan!

It doesn’t give two separate bills of 288.88, just one of 576.76, but if I select it to dispute it, then it only brings up one instalment of the payment to query.

It’s also taken me over my limit, so not happy about that.

Help anyone?!

You’ll likely receive a refund of one of them, this happens because of the way a merchant presents their payments (take in full, then sometimes break it down for accounting purposes).

When you tap on the originals transaction does it not say xyz refunded and then charged again?

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