Canceled Transactions

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Hi, I´m reporting this as a bug because it feels funny to me. But tbh I’m not sure what is the best way to deal with this cases.

So this is the story.
I use the card at a “Continente” store in Portugal.
I first used the card with chip&pin first but the transaction failed (I think I might have removed the card of the reader a bit too soon - Just after the Payment OK, but before the remove card message)
Then I repeated the payment using contactless on the same till and everything was fine.

I then got two identical transactions of the same amount, and a few minutes later I got another transaction crediting the failed one. Which is normal I guess.

What I’m thinking know is what makes most sense to display on the feed in these cases? All the transactions? Having the “revert” transactions to actually remove the one they are reverting?
The first solution will have in impact on reporting by showing double spending. I for one would like two have it reverted and removed.

Additionally these were abroad transactions, so they were greyed out until they cleared… but obviously only the “real” transaction settled a couple days later, leaving the others permanently greyed out. The original Eur values and GBP values were identical before it settled.

This is how it looks now:

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same issue is being talked about on " morrisons transactions " previously

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Just saw that topic as well.
I moved this to the other topic with similar cases.
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