Duplicate charge on my Mexican Debit Card

Hello All,

I just received an statement from my Mexican Bank for a charge of £100. It appears that there was a duplicate charge on my card because I don’t have £200 on my Monzo, I have only £100.

Anyone experiencing something similar?

From your post it seems to be that your Mexican bank has charged you twice - if you haven’t requested 2 x £100 top ups and you have 1 x £100 on your Monzo card, but your Mexican bank has debited your account twice (£200) ? - it would seem its your Mexican bank that you should be talking to because you have only requested £100 and they have charged you £100 twice .

Yes. Makes sense what you said. I was wondering if anyone experienced similar issue and more importantly, how to avoid it. Because to be honest, mexican banks are difficult to deal with.

What this potentially solve your issue (please comment on the separate topic)?