Can't change company name on business account card

I’ve put the wrong business name at some point during the application. When I resume application is shows me the card template with the wrong name, then a wrong delivery address(I assume is linked to the company name with HMRC). How do I change it?
3 hour wait times on the online chat aren’t helping!

Wait for chat is all we can offer since we’re also customers with no access to internal tooling or systems.

Hey @Cosyletsleeds – I’m an engineer on our business banking team. Sorry it’s taken a bit of time to get through to someone! Towards the beginning of your application, you’ll be giving the option to enter a trading name. Sadly, if you’ve got to the card ordering part, you can’t go back and change it. But, if you get in touch via Chat then someone should be able to update your trading name for you!

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