Business name on the Business debit card?

Just signed up for my business account (yay!). When it comes to specifying my business name for the card it was either a choice of “Business Account” or the full trading name but this was truncated badly so made no sense. I’d like to be able to choose how my business name appears on the card.

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Thanks for the feedback, @davidkeens! Right now we only support the functionality to choose between your registered name and trading name (if you’re a limited company), and between your trading name or “business account” if you’re a sole trader.

As you’ve noticed, this doesn’t work perfectly for all businesses since we can only print a maximum of 23 characters on cards.

We’ve added your feedback to our backlog though to explore how to make this more flexible for people who might want a different variation of their business name.

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Really? Did you get invited? Or are they now open to everyone?

Invited. I signed up on the wait list a few months back and the invite to open the account came through in the app last week