Cannot dismiss modal after moving money from pots


Most of the time after moving money from pots into my personal account I am unable to dismiss the transfer completion modal.

Details to reproduce:

Transfer money from pot to main account.
See completion modal.
Tap on done to dismiss modal.
See the modal does not dismiss and you are stuck and need to force quit the app.

IOS 17.1.2

iPhone 15

App Version:
5.52.0 #5520054


Welcome :slight_smile:

I can’t reproduce this on my iPhone (15 PM). Have you tried deleting the Monzo app, rebooting your iPhone, then reinstalling the Monzo app?

Hi @mikez :wave:

It actually might be an intermittent issue. However just the other day it was happening on every transfer. It seems to happen when I do a lot of shifting of money around into many pots all within the same app session and then after a bit it will get frozen on that transfer completion modal.

I have deleted and re-installed it which has solved the issue for now though.

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