No confirmation after sending money to another account

Issue: When sending money to another account (either a bank transfer or to another Monzo account - including transfers between joint and personal accounts) after selecting “Confirm Transaction” I’m immediately returned to the same screen (asking me to confirm the transaction). When this happens, the “Confirm Transaction” button is still the same colour (I.e not greyed out) but doesn’t function if I press it again.

To get back to my account details, I have to cancel my way out of the transaction I was just trying to complete. Only then can I see whether the transaction has gone through or not by checking my statement.

Details to reproduce: Described above. Create a new transaction (to any recipient). After confirming the transaction there is no confirmation and you are returned to the “Confirm Transaction” screen again, with all previous details still populated.
OS: iOS 15.5
Device: iPhone 12 Pro Max
App Version: 4.39.0


Have you tried the old, delete the app, restart your phone and reinstall trick?

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Not yet - probably worth a try as I was surprised to find that no-one else had reported this problem already.

Uninstalled the app, restarted my phone and reinstalled the app - the behaviour is the same.

Bad times :pensive: Worth a shot.

If all else fails, move to Android :wink: I didnt think ios people had transfer confirmation screens. I remember @Revels sending some money by accident when testing

iOS doesn’t. Just Face ID