Moving money to a pot via customised CTA no longer works

Adding money to a pot via ‘Left to pay’ screen no longer prefills the correct amount. I’m sure this used to work: I’d be able to top up my Bills pot and the amount to be transferred would be precise. Now I have to use my brain and remember – and when I cancel to remind myself of that value, I end up back on the home screen and need to step through the process in order to try again.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Have multiple accounts configured
  2. Have a pot configured to pay Direct Debits etc
  3. Don’t have enough money in pot to satisfy remaining payments
  4. Tap ‘Left to pay’
  5. On ‘Scheduled payments’ screen, tap ‘Add £XX to XXX pot’
  6. Land on ‘Move money’ screen
  7. ‘From’ field says ‘Select account’; value field reports £0.00.
    I think this used to automatically choose my Monzo current account prefill the value field with the outstanding value
  8. Cancel and return to Home tab

OS: iOS 17.2.1
Device: iPhone 15 Pro
App Version: 5.57.0 #5570055