Cannot confirm monthly standing order

Issue: normally I have no issue setting up standing orders monthly from my Monzo account. Today noticed that when I set up a SO with the date at the end of the month with the frequency as monthly, the little alert saying “on months less than 31 days it will be paid on last day” means that the button to confirm the SO is pushed out of sight so I am not able to set it up. It won’t allow me to scroll to tap the button.

OS: Android 12
Device: oppo reno4 pro 5g
App Version: 5.53.0

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I see this too.
Android 14.
@Edtulloch , if you go into Monzo labs and turn off new payments flow it should work.

Hi @kolok thanks for this. I didn’t have this lab enabled but tried turning it on - same problem. Then tried turning it off - same problem. However a workaround is to set the frequency using a date at the start of the month, then once the frequency is set change the start date to the end of the month.

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Strange, I doubt someone has fixed this already, but on both the old and new payments flow the app isn’t showing me the on months less than 31 days message anymore, allowing it to be selected.
Make sure to restart the app after enabling it in labs.