Can you use Monzo with NZ account

Hi - does anyone know if I can link Monzo to a NZ account or can you only use with a UK account? I am a UK resident but live in NZ, I’m coming to UK next month and want to use Monzo…
thanks in advance for any info…

You can set up a Monzo account if you have a UK address but you won’t be able to add money from your NZ account directly as Monzo do not support international transfers. You’d have to wait until you receive the card to activate the app and get account numbers so you’d more than likely need to be in the UK.

You could use TransferWise to transfer money in from NZ. However if you’re going to do that you might want to just look into the TransferWise borderless account and use that - it’d probably suit your needs better.

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Monzo is a bank, for you to use Monzo you need to open an account with them. You can only do that if you reside in the UK.

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Wow… this is a great site! Thank you so much for your info… appreciate your time. I emailed Help@monzo 2 days ago and haven’t heard a thing… this site answered my question in 1 minute… thanks again


Thanks so much for your help… I’ll look into your suggestion

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Hey @Nic14!

That’s pretty odd and I’m really sorry about that.

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