between UK/US accounts

Hi - this doesn’t appear to work - should it?

You’ll need to explain properly what it is you’re attempting to do. The topic title tells us nothing.

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If you’re attempting to pay someone’s link using a US card then I suspect that won’t work, as only a select few cards (UK GBP and some EU cards) are accepted, from memory.

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I meant using a US Monzo to pay a UK Monzo

You can only use a UK account because monzo don’t accept international transfers, you need to use transferwise.

Using a non-Monzo US card does work to pay a UK Monzo, but if the US person has Monzo, it doesn’t appear to

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It doesn’t count as an international transfer - it counts as a debit card payment. If the US person is not on Monzo, it works.

It’s got to be worth an email to to say that your Monzo card isn’t accepted by Monzo.