Can’t make online car rental payment

Trying to rent a car on EcomonyBookings using my monzo flex card

But when card details are entered and I click pay now, it refreshes to the empty card details window and doesn’t take payment.

The monzo app also doesn’t ask me to approve a payment or tell me that one was attempted.

Has anyone had this issue before? Is there anything I can do to correct this? As I will lose my rental booking if not payed soon.

Quickest solution would be to try a different card if you can. Perhaps your normal Monzo card, as if that works you can Flex the transaction after?

Then it isn’t getting to Monzo and you need to ask the merchant.


If you have a credit card, use that. Monzo Flex isn’t ideal in this scenario. A credit card won’t charge you for a pending charge, Monzo will. So you could end up having to make that first payment and then wait for it to be refunded.

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Hi GlenJ & welcome :wave:

I checked and found:

So I then checked the Monzo Flex BIN & got:

(I know this is for the deposit, not the payment, but it’ll be the same credit card acceptance system employed by EconomyBookings I’m sure)

So on the surface of it, it should work. But Flex can be funny sometimes. It’ll be either Flex being funny or a possible ghost in your machine. One painless non-Flex thing to try:

  • uninstall the Monzo app
  • restart your device (important)
  • download & install the Monzo app
  • login to Monzo & retry