Monzo Flex and car hires

Hi there, can Monzo Flex be used like a credit card with car hire companies where they use your credit card to block a certain amount of money for the excess?

I tried asking Monzo through the chat yesterday and this morning, but getting radio silence!


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If the hire company insists on a credit card, then they will only accept a credit card, I expect.

I suppose the point is that the Monzo Flex virtual card is technically a credit card. Or at least will appear so to the merchant…

Some car hires let you use debit, such as Enterprise depending on vehicle.

They also never needed to see my physical card, mostly due to COVID.

I booked a trip for next year and they have specifically stated that you need a credit card, so was wondering whether Monzo Flex would do.

You’d need to clarify with them, that your credit card is virtual only, will that work.

I think if you ask they’ll likely get confused and will default to ‘no’.

I’d just go there with a backup plan and give it a go without saying anything beforehand.